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Värsnäs at Kalmar


Värsnäs nakenbad
56° 43' 30.99" N, 16° 22' 33.9168" E

The nude beach lies approximately  7 km north of Kalmar on a peninsula, Värsnäs, in the sound Kalmarsund. Drive past the golf course and turn left at the sign "Värsnäsgården". Ther is also a nude beach sign.

The beach was once a municipal beach. The beach is well maintained. There is a sand beach, a lawn, a pier and table with fixed benches.

The beach is operated by the association NF Kalmarsund that left the Swedish naturist federation some 10 years ago.
They even have a small cabin for rent for a maximum of two people for two nights after contact with the association (Tel 0480 26604)



Stora gräsytor, väl skyltat, ordentlig brygga, vacker miljö. Trevliga människor som hejar. Här fanns alla åldrar. När vi besökte badet var det t.o.m. 23 grader i vattnet. Hit vill vi åka igen.

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