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NF Bergslagens Solsport is one of the oldest naturist associations in Sweden with inheritance from the naturist association Nordic Sunsport during the 30's. 

NBS is affiliated with Sveriges Naturistförbund and INF

Our base is mainly in the counties Närke, Västmanland, Southern Dalarna and the eastern part of  Värmland or as the area is commonly called Bergslagen.

Our activities are largely related to our Naturist Camp Gustavsberg Naturiscamping at Nora and the nude beach Trumöbadet at the lake Multen not far from Mullhyttan.

The association has well over 500 members and is the largest association in Sweden.


Naturistföreningen Bergslagens Solsport
Box 86, SE-713 22 NORA, Sweden
Tel. 073 642 5282