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Comfort rules

1. Dressing
We are either naked or dressed, depending on weather. We don’t walk around in swim-wear or under-wear. Outside the area clothes are mandatory, except for the path to the sea.

2. Vehicles
Driving on the camping ground is only allowed in exceptional cases, and then at walking speed. Mopeds and bicycles should be pushed. Parking is only permitted at the parking place outside the area.

3. Camping area
Fixed arrangements like fences, flower beds and similar are not allowed. Sealed containers must be used for collection of soil water and should be emptied at designated location. There must be 4 metres distance to adjacent vehicle/tent.

4. Show respect
Parents are responsible for children during the stay. Advice children to areas suited for playing and ball games. Between 23:00 and 09:00 we show extra consideration and  music and discussions should be kept softened to not disturb the neighbours.

5. General
Keep the area tidy and free from litter. Leave the common areas in the same condition you wish to enter them. Borrowed tools/equipment should be returned immediately after usage. Notify the host if something gets damaged or needs attention.

6. Pool
The pool may be used under the responsibility of the individual/guardian. Beachwear/swimsuits or toys are not allowed in the pool. The only exception being “safety” pants for small babies and floating aids during swim training. Children who cannot swim may not enter the pool without supervision by accompanying adult.

7. Grill
Disposable grills are prohibited in the campground. All grilling inside the area should be done on grills placed at least 50 cm above the ground. It is possible to grill in the common barbecue area.

8. Electricity
Connection to the electrical supplies may only be performed with approved equipment. Only grounded appliances and equipment intended for outdoor usage may be connected.

9. Animals
House pets under the strict liability of the owner. Instead of detailed rules, we use common sense at all times. It is always the owner’s responsibility to make sure that pets do not disturb, frighten or trouble other guests. Note that dogs must be kept in leash inside the nature reserve and that dogs are not allowed

10. Respect
Respect everybody’s  integrity and speak to other guests instead of about them. Say something kind and if you have complaints, tell someone in the committee. Personal insults are prohibited here as well as in the rest of the society.

11. Responsibility
The association undertakes no liability for the damage or loss of guests’ or visitors’ individual property.

12. The host
The host is responsible for the order and tidiness of the camping area. A notice or reprimand from the host should be obeyed immediately. If you have another opinion, the committee will be glad to listen, but we will do so afterwards.