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Comfort rules and Etiquette.


Within the camping area, one is either dressed or undressed. Swimwear is not permitted. It is required to wear clothing when spending time in the camping kiosk or around the barbeque area, as well as when attending events held in the large tent.

Driving is only permitted within the camping area during loading and unloading. Motorcycles may be parked within one’s own camping plot if space allows.

Fire Safety

*Tents, caravans and mobile homes must be kept at a four meter distance from one another.
*Electrical connection may only be carried out using approved equipment. No cable drums!

*Disposable grills are not permitted.

Mutual Respect

Between 11 pm and 9 am, music and conversations should be kept at a volume which does not disturb those who wish to sleep. Though you are expected to consider your fellow campers always. (When events are held in the large tent, other rules regarding sound level may apply.)

Swimming Pool
It is required to shower before entering the pool. Children who are incapable of swimming are not allowed in the swimming pool area without supervision. Use swim diapers if needed.



It is each owner’s responsibility to ensure that their pet does not disturb or frighten other guests. Dogs are not allowed on the beach from 6 am to 8 pm. Please note that dogs must be leashed within the nature reserve at all times.



Smoking is strictly prohibited within the swimming pool- and barbeque areas, as well as in the camping kiosk. Consider your fellow campers at all times.


The sauna is generally operating from 6 pm. In case of bad weather or due to other reasons, the camping host may decide to fire up the sauna earlier. No more firewood may be added after 11 pm and conversations on the veranda should not disturb people who are sleeping.
Remember to bring a towel or sit pad!

It is strictly prohibited to photograph people within the camping area without their consent.

Lost/Damaged Property
The camping association is not responsible for eventual loss or damage of campers’ property.

Camping Host
Please contact the camping host if you are being disturbed or for some reason require assistance. Our host is responsible for maintaining the camping rules and will turn to the
board if deemed necessary. Reprimands should be acknowledged and taken seriously. 

Respect – Tolerance – Common Sense – Happiness – Pleasure