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Opening times, prices and bookings


Skovly has host families present keeping the site open from June 19. to August 13. Outside this period, owners will usually be present during weekends (weather permitting) in June and August,- but be sure to contact us first,- see Contact us

Skovly naturist center, or A/L Naturistbo,- is an idealistic, non.profit and private naturist organisation, and guest prices are solemnly to cover self costs.

All prices in NOK, no exchange or credit cards acceptable

Cars, per trip & return (Autocamper 60.-)    30,-
Daily visit, per adult    40,-
Adults, per bunk / night in main building  180,-
Children u/ 18 per bunk / night in main building    90,-
Tent per night    150,-
Autocamper; NO electricity!   200,-
The cottage: per day (sleeps 3 persons)  360,-
The cottage: additional per person (2 on coach)  120,-

The guest living room

                                                                           The cottage MUST BE booked in advance,- see Contact us

Bunks in the main building can not  be booked in advance or reserved. The principle is first come/first get, but we will  always have beds for you.

Booking of tent site is not necessary,- we have plenty of space.

The road is in too bad a condition for large autocampers, all driving at your own risk.


Art on the jetty Pirate raft