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What we can offer

The barbequeThe main house is built in 1905 and have many beds in several (6) rooms on the second floor. 
On the first floor is a large, common lounge, kitchen and an office. The kitchen contains gas stove with 4 burners, kettles, pans and neccesary cutlery.
The only things you need to bring with you for an overnight stay, is food and bedclothes.

For tent campers, there is a simple kitchen in a side building, containing a gas 2-burner stove, two gas refrigerators, pans and some kettles.

HyttaDown by the lake, near the sauna and beach, there is a small cottage for rent. It contains 3 beds on the attic, and a double sleeping coach in the lounge. As well as a small kitchen with gas cooker, referigerator and neccesary cutlery.

There is no electricity, telephone or inside water on Skovly. Water from outdoor taps is only for washing. Drinking water to be carried from a nearby well. Interior light in the main building works on 12 volt solar cells. (Please bring with you torchlight and mobile telephone)

Down by the lake, you will find a terrace for svimming/sunning, diving board and a large grass lawn. Also there is a shallow sandbeach suitable for children.

In the evenings, we gather around the large, outdoor grill next to the dance floor.

The saunaNext to the beach and cottage by the lake, we have a wooden-lit sauna and hotwater shower from a large cooking pan. 

It is possible to rent a canoe, or a small boat with-/or without outboard motor.

Skovly, by the lake Femsjoen have good fishing possibilities.