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Frequently asked questions

Here we have collected answers to some of the more frequent questions from people that are new to naturism.

Naturists are not exhibitionists. You are not naked for the purpose of showing off your body or body parts to other people. You are not a naturist for the reason that other people should be pleased, shocked og seduced by looking at your body. You are a naturist because you yourself get a feeling of freedom when you are without clothes, especially when swimming or sunbathing. Social nudity yields still another dimension on the freedom from clothes.

Naturists do not have sex in public. Social nudity has absolutely nothing to do with sex, rather the opposite is the case. It should be a major violation of the ethical rules to undertake any sexual approches on a nude beach! Sex belongs to your private life. It is the same thing for naturists. Open sex and sexual harassment is not tolerated on nude beaches under the control of the naturist associations and the Naturist Resorts.

Male naturists do not get an erection when observing a naked girl just as little as a man in swimming trunk gets an erection from observing a girl in swimming suit. Oh, you occationally have erections inside your trunk? Well, it happens to naturists, too. We just throw our towel around us and wait until it disappears.

When having a party, we often put on clothes just as everybody else. It depends a little on the circumstances. Nudity is mostly for the swimmingpool, the sauna and the sun. It happens that a party ends up in the sauna or in a lake or pool. Whether you have a party with or without clothes is depending on which people are there and which situation you have and is, to some extent, up to each person participating etc.

So, when are naturists naked? There is no single answer to that question. Naturists are naked when they feel that is appropriate and pleasant. It is of course common to be naked when you go swimming and when taking a sun bath. Lots of naturist feel comfortable being naked at home even ouside the bathroom. Lots of naturist never use a pyjama or a night gown. They sleep naked. Naturist put on some piece of clothing when it gets chilly or when they need protection from the sun or have the period etc. This is no problem to the naturists!