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Naturist centers in Norway

Norsk naturistforbund is a partner in the three naturist cooperatives in Norway that owns the naturist centers: Isefjær, Skovly and Sjøhaug

Sjøhaug is located on Jeløya by Moss, Skovly is located outside Halden and Isefjær is located between Kristiansand and Lillesand. The centers do not belong to a particular association, but is owned by naturist cooperatives. Shareholders are the federation, the associations and individual naturists who share owners and shareholders.

The reason for this relatively modest number of grounds is that the population density, and to some extent also the climate in most parts of the country, do not make the purchasing of grounds very feasible. The club-grounds are open for all naturists carrying a valid INF/FNI card. Interested visitors without such a card are allowed to stay for two days.

In addition to the grounds, Mjøsområdets naturistforening has a cabin Glomstadbu at the naturist beach Glomstadbukta. There is also possible for naturists to stay at Roppestad by Farris at Larvik, either in their own caravans, campers or tents, or in the guard caravan of Vestviken naturistforening if you are member of a naturist association