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About us

The naturist association Västkusten was formed May 19 1981 and has since then promoted the ideas of naturism.

The idea of naturism is to let all people be able to be in the sun or take a swim without clothes and to socialize naked in a sound healthy way when temperature and wheather so allows. We support a lifestyle i harmony with nature that will strengthen self esteem respect of all other humans regardless of their sex, religion, skin colour or sexual inclination.

The naturist association Västkusten, NFV, is situated at Göteborgand vincinity.  NFV's main activities have been geared towards indoor swimming during fall, winter and spring.

We are members of Sveriges Naturistförbund (SNF) which has about 20 affilited associations i Sweden. Through SNF we are affiliated with the International Naturist Federation, INF. 

Through a mebership in our association you will be able to visit naturist resorts all over the world and help us influence authorities for improved situation for naturism on the west coast of Sweden.

We are family oriented.

Please, contact us for questions about membership or other questions related to naturism.